Did you miss my Spear of the Gods Book Two Kickstarter? That’s okay, click here to pre-order!


Q: What is Rune to Ruin?
A: Rune to Ruin is book two in the Spear of the Gods trilogy. I am launching it on Kickstarter, where you will be able to get Rune to Ruin (book two) and Burden to Bear (book one) in ebook, paperback, or hardback formats. All physical copies will be signed, so backers will be getting copies not available through online retailers.

Q: What is the status of this Kickstarter?
A: The campaign is FINISHED. 182 backers pledged $9,402, more than tripling the amount from book one’s campaign.

Q: Can I still get signed copies of the books?
A: You can preorder copies using Pledgebox by clicking HERE.

Q: Why Kickstarter?
A: Kickstarter effectively funds my production costs for books, like editing, cover art, formatting, etc. The site has great community of fantasy literature fans. I’m hugely grateful to the 77 people who backed my first campaign and helped me successfully launch book one of the series!

Q: Can’t I just buy the books on Amazon?
A: Kind of/not really. You can buy the ebook or paperback versions of Burden to Bear (book one). But . . .
-Kickstarter backers and anyone pre-ordering Rune to Ruin (all formats) will get copies a minimum of two months before the book is available on Amazon.
-Online retailers can’t offer signed copies.
-I have no current plans to put hardbacks up for sale with online retailers.
-Readers buying through Kickstarter or Pledgebox get to support independent authors like me and help us to keep publishing. Online retail buyers are great, but 30-75% of the purchase price goes straight to the retailers. Kickstarter and Pledgebox take about 8%.

Q: When Book Three?
A: Book three (Fallen to Fury) will finish the series. The draft is written, but it will take some time to revise. Expect the Kickstarter for Fallen to Fury some time late in 2024/early 2025.

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