Spear of the Gods prequel novelette

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Ansgar the Skald’s first delivery attempt goes awry when his axe is stolen. Trolls roam the forest, the land spirits are afraid, and his only hope is a vagabond warrior with questionable hygiene.

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The Skald

Spear of the Gods prequel novella

Set prior to the events of Burden to Bear, Ansgar the Skald tries to deliver a sword while giant wolves threaten to eat his face and witches threaten even worse. Can he trade enough knowledge with a local raven to find his way through the forest?

And will that be enough to keep him alive?

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The Sorcerer’s Reward

Spear of the Gods prequel novelette

In this story that just barely overlaps with Burden to Bear, it is axes against sorcery.

Some might call Haldor Skullsplitter and his sworn men “vikings.” To the lords hiring them, they are just reliable problem solvers. People are disappearing, and no one knows why. Sometimes the best solution to a complicated problem is just a big man with a big axe.

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Burden to Bear

Spear of the Gods, Book One

Telling the Norse myths is a lot easier than living them.

Ansgar the Skald finds this out the hard way when he runs into a crew of monster-hunting vikings. It would be insane to join them, wouldn’t it? He would likely be speared or hacked to death in the first few months, and those are some of the better ways to die among this crew of maniacs . . .

The best sagas sometimes begin with the worst decisions.

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Rune to Ruin

Spear of the Gods, Book Two

Revenge is never that simple.

Following the battle for Lejre, Ansgar and the crew of the Sea Squirrel have scores to settle, living legends to meet, and a lot more enemies than they thought. But Ansgar is a lucky skald, and finds both an unlooked-for advisor and a shapeshifting sword to help him with what comes next.

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